Sustainability : The ingredients required for stucco finishes are easily obtained from local, sustainable sources.

Durability: the biggest advantage of Stucco is that it is resistant to fire, rot, mold, impact, and termite infestation. The finish on stucco homes has the capability to last up to 100 years depending on local climate conditions.

Texture: Stucco finishes can be applied according to your choice of texture to give your home an extraordinary, seamless look.

Color retention: Stucco finishes contain durable pigments that eliminate the need to repaint your house on regular intervals.

Sound resistance: Stucco siding actually can buffer noise that is coming from outside your home. This can be a huge advantage for those houses which are situated near a busy street.

Cracked Brick and Stucco Repair from CDP Stucco

CDP Stucco has repaired cracked stucco for homeowners throughout Florida. If you are unsure if the cracks indicate foundation failure, a representative from CDP Stucco can provide an inspection to give you back peace of mind.

Contact us today for an inspection of your cracked stucco repair! If you are interested in Stucco Installation or Stucco Repair, call the experts at CDP Stucco now at 850-259-2283