If your home is made of stucco, you may start to notice cracks over time. These cracks will either be hairline cracks or major cracks, but they are typically a sign of a bigger problem with your foundation.

If you notice any cracks in your brick or stucco, whether big or small, it’s important to call in a professional before the problem gets worse. Contact our team at CDP Stucco for an inspection!

The Cause of Cracked Brick or Stucco

If you have cracks on the exterior of your home then this is typically a sign of a bigger underlying problem with your home’s foundation. It takes a lot of pressure for the exterior walls of your home to crack, which is typically only caused when your foundation settles.


Foundation settlement is caused by unsupportive soils that can no longer hold the weight of your home. Soils can become displaced during extreme weather conditions from the constant expanding and contracting. During heavy rains, the soil will retain moisture and expand as they are fill with water. This expansion will cause the soils to shift from its original position.

On the other hand, when the soil becomes very dry due to hot weather,  then they can contract and shift positions as well. The combination of this expansion and contraction in the soils also causes them to significantly shift.

Shifts in the soils can cause them to become unsupportive to the weight of the home above.  This will cause the foundation to settle, and you may notice cracks on the exterior of your home.

Symptoms of Cracked Stucco:

Stucco is made up of a cement plaster and is used as a decorative exterior wall covering. Since it is mostly used for decorative purposes, it is not as strong as most exterior surfaces and is susceptible to cracks. Stucco is used on many homes throughout Florida, and CDP Stucco provides repair to fix stucco cracks.

There are certain types of cracks in stucco that can help identify the repairs that need to be done. Some cracks may not be as severe as others, and it’s important to know the difference.

  • Hairline cracks: It isn’t out of the ordinary for stucco to show hairline cracks since it is made mostly of plaster. Not all hairline cracks indicate foundation problems, but they could show early signs.
  • Cracks in foam trim: The foam trim on stucco can show cracks where the two pieces of trim meet. They can either be caused by poor installation or foundation settlement.
  • Spider cracking: This type of cracking appears as a spider web crack on the stucco wall. It rarely indicates foundation settlement and is mostly caused because the base coat did not cure properly.

It’s important for homeowners to keep an eye out for any types of stucco cracks. Although they may not indicate foundations settlement, it’s a good idea to get a professional opinion.

Cracked Brick and Stucco Repair from CDP Stucco

CDP Stucco has repaired cracked stucco for homeowners throughout Florida. If you are unsure if the cracks indicate foundation failure, a representative from CDP Stucco can provide an inspection to give you back peace of mind.

Contact us today for an inspection of your cracked stucco repair! If you are interested in Stucco Installation or Stucco Repair, call the experts at CDP Stucco now at 850-259-2283