Stucco is a building material with great potential made to last. Stucco was introduced in the United States in the 1820s, and it was a natural replacement for standard cement. After many modifications, stucco has found a place in construction across America. Its use has remained very popular as an exterior cladding material for many different types of buildings and homes across the nation.  After the 1900s, most types of stucco were a mixture of Portland cement and some lime. Nowadays, stucco represents one of the most essential building materials for both interior and exterior walls.

When stucco is applied properly, it can remain structurally sound, but micro-cracking is an evident sign of the porousness of this material. This characteristic of porousness is happening because of the usual additions that are part of the stucco mixture.  To keep your home and buildings safe from water, stucco contractors tend to add materials into it that change the overall structure of stucco.

Besides the almost inevitable cracks, stucco remains to be the safest exterior cladding material in coastal areas. With a high dynamic of implementation of new materials, it is clear that stucco represents the most stable and most cost effective solution despite the minor defects.

Different aggregates that are usually part of stucco are great protection against defects. Nowadays, we have stucco variations that can withstand the test of time even in the most demanding climate circumstances.

Cracked Brick and Stucco Repair from CDP Stucco

CDP Stucco has repaired cracked stucco for homeowners throughout Florida. If you are unsure if the cracks indicate foundation failure, a representative from CDP Stucco can provide an inspection to give you back peace of mind.

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