Stucco can be Applied In What Temperatures?

Stucco can be Applied In What Temperatures?

Did you know that stucco can actually be applied in cold weather as well as warm? While this might not seem like a huge worry for residents in Florida, it is important to remember that parts of Florida can reach a temperature near 41 Fahrenheit. So can you install stucco when the weather is around 40 degrees? Well when the stucco is properly designed, mixed and installed, then you’re guaranteed to have a beautiful and crack-free exterior no matter what the weather might entail—as long as it’s above freezing.


Stucco can actually crack whenever the water content of the cement suddenly freezes. In fact, building codes provide that a stucco installation must be protected from freezing temperatures for at least 24 hours. Generally, stucco contractors can work in temperatures of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

This is because of how stucco is made—it’s formed with cement, which needs water to make a paste. This water content is what could potentially freeze if the temperatures are too low during installation, drying and setting. When the temperatures are too cold, the water will freeze before the cement plaster can fully set. That’s what leads to cracks and other damage in a stucco exterior.

Some contractors will counteract the cold weather by heating the water used to make the stucco cement paste. This is generally an accepted practice so long as the water never goes above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, stucco should never be applied to frozen exteriors.

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