CDP STUCCO Stucco Crack Repair Service

At CDP STUCCO, we offer stucco crack repair for clients in Northwest Florida and the surrounding areas. We serve both residential and commercial properties with stucco crack repair service. We often receive referrals from real estate agents, building inspectors, and insurance companies due to our superior reputation for quality stucco exterior repairs. Our services include both large-scale and small-scale repair projects.

Traditional Stucco- Common Causes of Stucco Cracks

Stucco exteriors provide lasting quality! In fact, stucco’s durable exterior typically lasts for up to 50 years with only minimal maintenance required. However, due to normal wear and tear, weather damage, improper installation, woodpecker damage or other causes, stucco may experience cracking.

The surface of stucco includes a durable yet rigid cement mixture. While this hard surface protects your home and adds energy efficiency, it also risks cracking.

The good news is that, when addressed early, stucco cracks are repairable. If you experience a crack 1/16 of an inch (industry standard) or over, schedule repairs to avoid other costly damage, like water penetration.

EIFS Stucco- Common Causes of Stucco Cracks

When EIFS cracks it’s an indication that there is larger problem. Compression cracks occur when the substrate compresses the foam boards together creating a wrinkle in the system. On the other hand, stress cracks happen when the foam boards pull away from each other.

Moisture damage can also cause cracking that leads to failing behind the substrate. However, one of the most common types of EIFS cracking relates to incorrect installation. EIFS installed without using fiberglass mesh to bind it together allows cracks to develop.

We offer stucco repairs for all these issues to restore the quality and appearance of the stucco system. Also, repairing the stucco helps prevent more extensive damage. Act now to protect the integrity of your property.

The Proper Repair Process for Stucco Cracks

Damage from stucco cracking varies widely. When caught early, the process may simply include clearing away the loose stucco and patch repairing the stucco at the site of the crack. However, for extensive cracking, the repair process becomes more complex.

It’s vital to identify any moisture damage or structural issues when repairing stucco cracks. Simply sealing the crack may not resolve the problem. In fact, it may even worsen the core problem if you only seal the crack and don’t deal with the bigger issue.

For example, mold or rot may occur behind the stucco if water becomes trapped under the stucco surface layer. This is often an issue with improper initial installation. Due to the sensitive nature of stucco repairs, it’s always best to work with a trusted and professional stucco repair company, like CDP STUCCO

Working with the right company ensures accurate and timely repairs to fortify your exterior for years to come. Be wary of stucco repair companies that don’t have a reputation or history in the local area. Also, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Fix the cracks in your stucco right the first time to avoid major issues later.

Coloring Matching with Stucco Crack Repairs

At CDP STUCCO, we offer on-site color matching with our proprietary color matching system. While we always do our best to achieve the right color to match your existing stucco, some variation may occur. This is due to sun fading, color variation within the existing stucco, and other factors that limit an exact match.

However, we always do our best to produce the results you desire!

How to Prevent Stucco Cracking

Proper installation from an experienced and trusted stucco company, like CDP STUCCO, creates the best way to prevent stucco cracking. The foundation, upgraded materials, and experience for your stucco installation matters! We follow all local codes and legal guidelines for proper stucco installation.

Unfortunately, for improperly installed stucco, there’s not much property owners can do to prevent cracking over 1/16th of an inch after installation. But, it’s not too late to address the problems and schedule repairs. Also, inspect your stucco exterior regularly. Address cracks quickly when they occur to minimize damage.

Stucco Crack Repair Northwest Florida

Stucco offers a strong exterior against Northwest Florida weather. However, even the best exteriors experience damage over time. This includes stucco cracking. At CDP STUCCO, we help Northwest Florida property owners keep their stucco in top shape with the proper stucco crack repairs.

Our estimators obtain certification as stucco inspectors to equip them to understand inspection reports. This allows our team to accurately estimate your project. Also, we don’t pay our estimators on commission. They have no incentive to pad a bid. In fact, we value our client relationships and only ever recommend the repairs needed to do the job right.

CDP STUCCO – The Trusted Stucco Crack Repair Experts

We serve both residential and commercial properties in Northwest Florida and the surrounding communities. We are a trusted stucco crack repair company with a solid reputation for quality work and top customer service.

Traditional Stucco Repair and Stucco Patch Repair Contractors Near Me in Florida

CDP Stucco, your trusted partner for traditional stucco repair and stucco patch repair services in Florida. With years of experience in the industry, we take pride in restoring the beauty and integrity of stucco exteriors for residential and commercial properties. Stucco, a timeless exterior finish, requires specialized care to maintain its charm and durability. At CDP Stucco, we understand the unique demands of stucco repair and offer tailor-made solutions to address issues such as cracks, chips, and weather damage. Our team of skilled contractors is well-versed in the art of stucco restoration, utilizing traditional techniques and modern expertise to ensure seamless repairs that blend flawlessly with the existing texture. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to restore the elegance of your stucco-clad residence or a business owner seeking to enhance the appeal of your commercial property, we’ve got you covered.

Our stucco patch repair services are designed to cater to projects of all scales, ensuring that your property’s exterior is not only aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound. When you search for stucco repair contractors near me in Florida, CDP Stucco stands out for its commitment to quality, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction. We take the time to assess the unique needs of each project, offering personalized recommendations and transparent pricing. We combine the reliability of traditional stucco repair techniques with the innovation of modern solutions. Our goal is to revitalize your property’s exterior, breathing new life into its appearance and safeguarding it against the elements. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the transformative effects of our expert stucco repair services.



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