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Stucco Repairs for Delamination or System Separation

CDP STUCCO specializes in stucco repairs, including delamination stucco issues. We serve clients in the Northwest Florida Metro area with trusted and reliable stucco delamination repairs. In fact, we often receive referrals from stucco inspectors and insurance adjusters to complete repairs because they value our quality of work.



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What is Stucco Delamination?

Simply put, delamination is when any of the stucco layers separate. This may occur when the stucco system separates from the substrate or the outer stucco layer separates from the system.

Any separation requires repairs to maintain the integrity of the system. If left unchecked, the system failure can result in further damage. Water intrusion can damage the substrate and other parts of the exterior leading to mold and other unwanted consequences.

Improper Stucco Installation

One of the major causes of delamination is improper installation. At CDP STUCCO we receive regular requests to repair improper stucco installation because we have a reputation for quality work. Stucco requires experience and training for proper installation. Therefore, at CDP STUCCO we only use our employees, and not subcontractors, for every project.

If any of the stucco layers have improper installation or do not cure properly, separation occurs eventually. It’s vital to use the right materials, tools and team to install stucco!

Types of Stucco Delamination

Traditional stucco delamination typically occurs as a result of incorrect installation. This includes stucco systems improperly attached to the substrate or attached to incorrect substrates.

For top layer delamination, the issue usually lies in the misapplication of the finish coat. This may occur with both EIFS and traditional stucco. The problem happens if moisture becomes trapped under the finish coat. Also, if the finish coat froze during application, delamination may occur.

Either cause is preventable. The key is to only work with stucco installers trained and experienced in correct stucco application. Even if only the finish coat separates, repairs are costly. Instead, get it right from the start with proper installation.

EIFS Delamination Issues

Another type of delamination is when the lamina is delaminating from the EPS foam. This type of delamination only happens with EIFS systems. The cause is usually failure of the system’s materials. However, moisture intrusion between layers can also cause this separation.

The final type of delamination occurs in EIFS when the system foam separates from the substrate. This type of delamination costs more to repair. Your EIFS system will either need to be replaced or re-secured using mechanical fasteners. If not repaired, it may lead to more expensive and extensive damage to your property.

Improper EIFS installation is a common problem. CDP STUCCO often repairs improper EIFS installation. We also offer new system installations to change the stucco exterior from EIFS to a traditional stucco system.

Remedies for Stucco Delamination

If only the top layer of the stucco experiences delamination or separation, then the repairs are easier and more affordable. If corrected quickly with no damage to the underlayers, then only the top layer requires removal and resurfacing.

However, if any of the layers underneath have moisture damage, they will require repair or replacement. The goal is to reestablish the integrity of the stucco system so that you don’t experience additional problems.

If the issue includes separation from the substrate then the issue requires greater action. In these cases, the repairs may include total system repair. This means all the layers down to the substrate require replacement and reinstallation.

While this news may sound overwhelming, you want the right repairs to prevent further damage and protect your property value. Unrepaired stucco damage can lead to mold, rot and other destruction to the substrate or frame.

CDP STUCCO Repairs Stucco Delamination

If you have separation of your stucco exterior, call CDP STUCCO today. We offer repair and reinstallation for stucco delamination issues.

CDP STUCCO is a trusted stucco repair and installation service provider in Northwest Florida and surrounding Northwest Florida communities. Our high ratings and solid reputation make us a preferred stucco provider. Contact us today!

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