Build a System of Protection with Stucco Flashing

Moisture penetration is the biggest risk with any stucco project. Stucco flashing adds an extra layer of protection against water damage. CDP STUCCO understands the importance of installing the right flashings, end dams, and kickout diverters as part of stucco installation or repair projects.



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Why Flashing Matters for Stucco

Stucco flashing is part of the weatherproofing strategy for stucco. Every home exterior must stand up to the elements. Here in Northwest Florida, stucco must resist both summer rain and winter storms. Flashing provides an extra avenue for moisture to escape.

Stucco flashing is a metal strip installed primarily around the roof, windows, doors, and decks to divert water away from the stucco interior. Flashing works in combination with the right vapor barrier and caulking to prevent moisture penetration.

Moisture damage can lead to thousands of dollars in repair costs. It’s best to get the job done right from the start. Invest in stucco flashing to protect your structure and extend the longevity of your exterior.

When you hear about stucco issues, it’s commonly due to improper installation or a failure to build the right moisture barrier. At CDP STUCCO, our installation and repair strategies incorporate the best practices for stucco, including stucco flashing.

Stucco Flashing with Stucco Installation

Include stucco flashing as part of your initial stucco installation to create a beautiful and lasting stucco exterior. CDP STUCCO provides complete stucco system installations. We offer both traditional stucco and EIFS.

Regardless of the type of stucco system you select, we put in stucco flashing, end dams, and kickout diverters as part of the stucco installation process. When installed from the start, your property has added protection to keep your stucco looking its best while protecting against unwanted moisture damage.

Stucco Flashing with Stucco Repairs

Not every contractor that offers stucco understands or wants to pay for the detailed process for proper stucco installation. Stucco flashing is available as part of stucco repairs and can be added to existing systems. Especially if your property has experienced water damage, consider the value added with stucco flashing. Why invest in repairs without fixing the core issue of water penetration.

Often issues such as woodpecker, hail, golf balls, cracks, and other stucco damage are noticeable and result in repairs. When fixing these types of repairs, adding stucco flashing may prevent moisture damage in the long run.

Stucco Flashing Northwest Florida

Stucco offers upscale and stylish design appeal for Northwest Florida area homes and businesses. In addition, stucco may even increase property values. However, without proper installation, stucco may result in costly moisture damage.

Don’t wait until you see signs of damage to invest in stucco flashing. Either include stucco flashing as part of the initial installation or as part of stucco repairs. Give your structure the added protection found with stucco flashing.

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