Stucco Over Siding Northwest Florida

Take Your Property to the Next Level with Stucco Over Siding 

At CDP STUCCO., we offer complete stucco system installations, including stucco over siding for properties in Northwest Florida and the surrounding areas. We manage both residential and commercial projects. Stucco is easier to maintain than most traditional siding options and makes a great choice for all types of properties.

We have the experience to tackle stucco over siding projects for our Northwest Florida area clients. We manage large-scale projects, like shopping centers and multifamily housing properties. We also work on smaller individual projects, like single-family homes and small office buildings. We have experience with stucco replacement projects of all sizes and types.

Popular Stucco Over Brick Projects

Updating your brick surface to stucco works for many types of properties.

  • Single-family homes
  • Multifamily properties
  • Office building
  • Shopping Centers
  • Schools
  • Government buildings
  • Hotels
  • Medical offices
  • Industrial buildings
  • More

Stucco Over Siding Complete System Installation Process

We begin each siding replacement project by determining if the stucco can indeed go over the siding or if removing the siding is the best option. For almost all projects, we remove the siding and then install the stucco. This is because most siding surfaces aren’t smooth; the overlap creates pockets behind the stucco which allow for cracking.  Additionally the type and condition of siding may not be a solid substrate to support the weight of the stucco.

When removing the siding first, we confirm the condition of the substrate then install the stucco over the substrate. The process to replace siding with stucco follows a similar procedure to installing a complete stucco system on a new structure.

CDP STUCCO follows a consistent process for complete stucco system installations. The foundation of the installation is creating a waterproof barrier using 2-ply waterproofing paper or Tyvek. We also install all appropriate flashings and casings, including for windows, doors, decks, and the roof. This step ensures the integrity of the stucco lasts by avoiding water leaks in these areas.

We may use a combination of any of the following materials to build the best base for your project: EPS foam, metal lath, 17-gauge wire, concrete fiber base coat, or optional standard reinforcing fiberglass mesh.

We complete the project by applying an acrylic stucco finish coat with the desired color and texture based on your design style.

Benefits of Replacing Traditional Siding with Stucco

  • Create longevity for your exterior
  • Increase your property’s value
  • Improve curb appeal with an upscale and clean look
  • Add energy efficiency and help reduce energy costs
  • Lower the maintenance required to upkeep the exterior
  • Enhance durability and weather resistance

Stucco Over Siding Northwest Florida

Stucco offers a great option for Northwest Florida homes. The extreme weather experienced by Northwest Florida properties include both summer hail storms and winter snowstorms. These extremes require exteriors built to last.

Stucco creates a durable barrier for your property. When properly installed by industry experts, like CDP STUCCO, you achieve lasting protection. Not only does stucco protect your structure, it also looks great. Stucco is an upscale material that adds design dimension to any property.

Proven Results and a Solid Reputation at CDP STUCCO

At CDP STUCCO, our reputation matters to us! This means we don’t trust just anyone to represent CDP STUCCO Only our employees work on your project. We don’t use subcontractors or general contractors. When you hire us, we produce consistent results and don’t cut corners. We generate top quality work through our highly trained and experienced technicians.



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