Stucco Paint Finish Options from CDP STUCCO

At CDP STUCCO, we believe every aspect of stucco installation and repair matters. This includes a beautiful and lasting stucco finish. We offer stucco services for both residential and commercial properties in Northwest Florida and the surrounding areas.



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Traditional Stucco Paint

CDP STUCCO does not typically recommend painting traditional stucco. Instead, we recommend skimming the stucco surface to cover repairs, cracks, rejuvenate the existing color, or change to a new color. With stucco, the color pigment mixes in with the acrylic finish coat before it’s applied to the exterior. This means the color is an embedded part of the exterior surface of the stucco system.

Painting traditional stucco disrupts the porous design of this type of system. Traditional stucco systems are designed to “breath” which allows for the passage of air to dry water out of the system. Paint blocks these pores, trapping water inside the traditional stucco and causing moisture damage to the system. Additionally, painting stucco can be expensive. Pricey elastomeric paints are required to temporarily seal cracks.

Painting traditional stucco doesn’t produce the aesthetic appeal of skimming. The consistency of paint changes the sheen and mutes the beautiful textures of stucco. Paint also can prevent future repairs from adhering to traditional stucco surfaces. Paint on stucco only lasts for around five years compared to up to 20 years with a reskim. To keep the longevity and beauty of traditional stucco, avoid paint on the stucco exterior.

EIFS and Synthetic Stucco Paint

EIFS’s is a barrier system designed to keep water out. If the system is in good condition or the stucco has been painted previously, it is possible to paint. However, paint can prevent future repairs from adhering to EIFS or other stucco surfaces. Additionally, painting EIFS diminishes the aggregate and textures found in the acrylic finish coat and results in a subpar finish.

Instead, we advise reskimming EIFS. In this process, the color pigment mixes in with the acrylic finish coat and adheres to the existing system. This additional layer of fiberglass mesh (if needed) and acrylic finish coat reinforces and strengthens your system. Whether you want a new exterior color or to create a seamless look after repairs, corner to corner skimming is the recommended option for the best look and integrity of the finish.

Stucco Skimming 

Stucco skimming is a better option than painting. For stucco skimming, we resurface the top layer of the wall from corner to corner. We recommend skimming after repairs from issues like cracks, holes, hail damage, fires, woodpecker damage, and more. For property owners highly invested in the aesthetics of the finish, skimming offers the highest quality color matching results.

Stucco skimming also produces the best option to change the color of the exterior. Unless the property has other damage, like water damage, skimming the exterior maintains the durability of the surface while creating the new look you want.

CDP STUCCO offers skimming for both traditional and EIFS systems on residential and commercial properties as part of repairs or as a stand-alone service.

Stucco Color Matching

CDP STUCCO offers on-site, proprietary coloring matching to help blend the stucco color after repairs. With our color matching service, we work to create the closest match possible. However, due to the nature of stucco, the repaired area may show regardless of the accuracy of the color match.

If you want a seamless look after repairs, consider skimming the wall from corner to corner. We do not recommend painting the stucco surface.

Stucco Paint Northwest Florida

Stucco creates a lasting and durable finish for Northwest Florida area properties. With the right surface finish, stucco often adds value and curb appeal for property owners.

To maintain the integrity of the stucco system, work with a professional stucco service provider, like CDP STUCCO We know the right tools, materials, and methods to use to maintain stucco.

Stucco Finish Experts at CDP STUCCO

CDP STUCCO offers top quality stucco finishes as part of our installation and repair services. We work to make each project look its best. While we don’t recommend painting stucco, we do offer stucco skimming to refresh the current color, change the color, eliminate hairline cracks, and conceal signs of repairs. stucco remediation specialist, stucco plaster companies near me,stucco repair companies fl, stucco remediation specialist, stucco plaster companies near me

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