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CDP STUCCO crafts customized stucco finishes for each project from a variety of texture options. We serve both residential and commercial properties in Northwest Florida and the surrounding areas with stucco repairs and installations.



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Stucco Texture Options

Stucco comes in a variety of texture finishes. In fact, the many texture options available create one of the best features of stucco. Unlike some other exterior surface and siding options, stucco offers a customized design style. Additionally, stucco’s unique look often comes at a lower price tag than other popular siding options, like Hardie board siding.

Stucco’s texture adds design depth to create a luxurious finish for your home or business. It’s possible to achieve many different stucco textures. CDP STUCCO offers custom stucco textures for each project.

Traditional Stucco Textures

With traditional stucco, the texture options are endless. Since stucco is a cement-based product, the finish yields a moldable surface perfect for diverse texture design. Also, the texture choice doesn’t impact the stucco’s durability.

Stucco’s texture adds the design depth desired from stucco. The texture adds durability as well as beauty. It’s possible to achieve many different stucco textures. Stucco comes in four basic types of aggregate textures. These include: smooth, fine, coarse, and swirl.

First choose the aggregate texture, then choose the trowel technique to get the specialty finish you want. Popular trowel options include: float, dash, lace, and scraped. Many different textures work well for traditional stucco. With any stucco texture, the look is customizable to create a contemporary or traditional look. In addition, the texture may be finer or coarser based on each client’s preferences.

EIFS or Synthetic Stucco Textures 

EIFS offers many texture and trowel options just like traditional stucco because of the consistency of the surface material. Clients have a large variety of texture finish and trowel options to match your design wishes.

The amount of aggregate determines the coarseness of the finish. The fine and medium textures have a more modern look while the coarse texture produces a closer look to the classic stucco style.

Stucco Textures Northwest Florida

Stucco provides long lasting exteriors for Northwest Florida area properties. The durability of stucco holds up well to the Florida weather. The variety of stucco design options adds character and curb appeal.

Choosing the right stucco texture finish for your property is a personal choice. However, the team at CDP STUCCO work with clients to offer our insight into the various stucco textures. We customize each stucco installation based on the customers design preferences and unique qualities of each property.

Stucco Texture After Repairs

As with stucco color matching, we work to achieve a match to the existing stucco texture after repairs. The technician blends the surface of the repaired area to hide the repair. However, stucco repairs may still show even with the best attempt to match the color and texture. At CDP STUCCO, we offer texture matching after repairs as well as skimming in conjunction with repairs.

CDP STUCCO – Trusted Stucco Installation and Repair Service Provider

With stucco, your home or business gets a long lasting, durable, and beautiful exterior. CDP STUCCO creates customized stucco exteriors that add energy efficiency, curb appeal, and often increase property values.

Our team of highly trained stucco professionals work with the client to select the right color and texture for your stucco finish.

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