Synthetic Stucco – Another Name for EIFS

Synthetic stucco goes by many names, including EIFS and acrylic stucco. While the many names may sound confusing, they are all the same stucco type. At CDP STUCCO, we offer both synthetic and traditional stucco options for residential and commercial properties in Northwest Florida and the surrounding areas.

What is Synthetic Stucco?

Synthetic stucco is an alternative to traditional stucco. This type of stucco exterior hit the U.S. market in the late 1960’s primarily as an option for commercial properties. Over time, the synthetic stucco option spread to residential exterior projects.

The reputation of synthetic stucco suffered from improper installation and poorly trained technicians. Early installations often resulted in moisture damage that led to thousands of dollars in repairs. For this reason, many stucco service companies abandoned synthetic stucco.

However, since then, the International Building Code or the “IBC” has updated the installation requirements resulting in a drainage synthetic stucco system.

Updated code requirements include:

  • Apply 2-ply waterproofing paper, Tyvek, window tape, or liquid vapor barrier
  • Install all correct flashings, water diverters, and end dams
  • Mechanically fasten EPS foam to substrate
  • Maintain proper specified grade roof, deck, and slab clearances
  • Caulk to seal entire system

At CDP STUCCO, we view drainage synthetic stucco as an alternative to traditional stucco that works well for some projects, like retrofits. We want our clients to have the option to receive the right stucco type for your property. Therefore, we gained the knowledge, skill, tools, and experience to properly install synthetic stucco to avoid the unwanted water damage.

The Right Synthetic Stucco Foundation

Moisture damage is the biggest risk with synthetic stucco. That makes building the right foundation vital for every EIFS complete system installation. Also, with synthetic stucco repairs, we work to ensure sealing the exposed area to keep moisture out of the system.

Our synthetic stucco design includes water proofing paper, flashings, and caulk to prevent water penetration. Especially for windows, doors, and other edges, proper sealing produces a secure barrier against moisture.

At CDP STUCCO, we’re committed to the best practices to protect your home from costly water damage. Our technicians receive the necessary training and experience for proper synthetic stucco installation.

Benefits of Synthetic Stucco

Stucco offers many benefits over other siding options. Not only does synthetic stucco produce a beautiful exterior, it also adds value to your property.

  • Energy efficiency
  • Pliable for architectural details
  • More forgiving over irregular surfaces
  • Water resistant
  • Variety of colors and textures
  • Lower cost than fiber cement siding

Consider synthetic stucco, or EIFS, for your home or building. We often recommend synthetic stucco for stucco over brick and stucco over siding projects.

Synthetic Stucco Northwest Florida

Synthetic stucco offers a great option for Northwest Florida property owners to update their exterior. The pliability allows for creative architectural details. Plus, the solid exterior adds energy efficiency which produces savings on your utility bills during the coldest winter months. Both traditional and synthetic stucco add value to Northwest Florida property owners.



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