Choose the Right Type of Stucco for Your Property

At CDP STUCCO, we offer both traditional and EIFS stucco installation and repairs for residential and commercial properties. Choose the best type of stucco to match the style and durability you desire.

Types of Stucco Northwest Florida

CDP STUCCO provides stucco services to clients in Northwest Florida and the surrounding areas. We are experts in Traditional and EIFS stucco. Both types add benefits for property owners. We walk installation clients through the characteristics of the stucco types so that the client has the information to make the best decision.

Traditional Stucco

Traditional stucco, also known as hard coat stucco, includes a base designed to protect against moisture damage. This concrete material combines cement, sand, lime, fiber strains and water to create a durable exterior. The material is naturally porous allowing moisture to travel through the system.

Traditional stucco is less prone to impact damage and drains water more efficiently. Also, hard coat stucco is available in all the same colors and textures as EIFS because the same acrylic topcoat used for both. This is one of the unique and beautiful aspects of stucco.

Proper installation helps ensure top-quality and lasting results for stucco systems. It’s vital to have the right foundation to prevent moisture damage. At CDP STUCCO, our expert technicians have the experience to properly install and repair traditional stucco.

Drainage EIFS Stucco 

EIFS, Exterior Insulation and Finish System, is a synthetic stucco system. With EIFS, it is vital to work with a service provider trained in the proper installation of synthetic stuccoEIFS risks extensive moisture damage when not properly installed.

At CDP STUCCO, we have the knowledge, training, and tools for proper drainage EIFS installation. We also offer stucco repairs for properties with improper EIFS stucco installation.

EIFS is water resistant. Yet, EIFS is not designed to be porous like traditional stucco. This means if moisture leaks behind the stucco exterior coat, it cannot evaporate. The moisture becomes trapped leading to unwanted and costly damage.

With proper installation, drainage EIFS offers an alternative to traditional stucco that produces the same look and feel. While we almost always recommend traditional stucco, for some projects, like stucco over brick, drainage EIFS is the most effective choice.

Which Stucco Type Works Best?

We’re often asked which type of stucco works best. Traditional stucco usually produces the best long-term results. However, each client must evaluate their needs, budget, style, and current structure to make the right decision. We offer our professional advice based on our knowledge and experience. However, the type of stucco you choose is ultimately your decision.

Pros for Traditional Stucco

  • Energy efficient
  • Porous and breathable
  • Large variety of textures
  • Infinite selection of colors
  • Far less prone to impact damage than EIFS
  • Durable exterior
  • Low maintenance
  • Lower cost than fiber cement siding

Pros for EIFS

  • Energy efficient
  • More possibilities for architectural designs
  • Better for installation over retrofitted surfaces
  • Comes in a large variety of textures
  • Infinite selection of colors
  • Lower cost than fiber cement siding

Trusted Installation and Repairs for Traditional Stucco and EIFS

With either traditional stucco or EIFS, improper installation can lead to thousands of dollars in damage. Avoid this unwanted situation by working with a trusted and experienced stucco service provider. At CDP STUCCO, we understand stucco and have the experience to do the job right!

We have the training, certifications, tools, and experience for proper stucco installation and repairs for both traditional stucco and EIFS. Work with the stucco experts at CDP STUCCO for your Northwest Florida stucco projects.



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