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Northwest Florida’s woodpeckers cause damage to stucco exteriors that require repairs. When left unaddressed, the woodpecker holes can lead to even more damage, like costly moisture damage. If you experience repeated woodpecker damage on your stucco exterior, contact CDP STUCCO to schedule an estimate for a woodpecker proofing system installation.

Woodpecker Stucco Damage

Woodpeckers cause damage to stucco that requires repairs like other types of cracks or holes. When woodpeckers make holes in the stucco exterior, it not only looks bad but may also allow in moisture. Water intrusion can lead to mold, deterioration and rot which all compromise the stucco system and substrate.

If you address woodpecker damage early, you may only need cosmetic repairs. However, for extensive damage, reskimming the wall from corner to corner may be required. If left unrepaired for a long period of time, the stucco system section may need to be replaced.

The bottom line is that repeated woodpecker damage needs a solution. Along with the annoying sound of pecking, you may experience frequent and costly repairs to restore your stucco system.



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Stucco Woodpecker Proofing System

CDP STUCCO offers a woodpecker proofing system to prevent damage to your stucco from woodpeckers. We usually only recommend woodpecker proofing if you have recurring issues with woodpecker damage. Our unique woodpecker proofing system helps avoid future woodpecker damage to your structure.

The goal with woodpecker proofing is to create an undesirable surface for the woodpeckers. By incorporating this undesirable surface into your existing system, you solve the woodpecker problem. We can discuss woodpecker proofing with our clients at woodpecker repair estimates.

In addition, we offer upgraded installation of the woodpecker proofing system as part of your new system installation and before extensive damage occurs. This is a good idea if you know surrounding properties suffer from woodpecker damage.

CDP STUCCO Knows Stucco

CDP STUCCO is a trusted Northwest Florida stucco installation and repair service provider. We have extensive experience with stucco, including knowledge of best practices and installing superior materials. Additionally, this means we have mastered the skills to install stucco woodpecker proofing systems.

While woodpecker proofing isn’t necessary for every client, we do try to identify the best candidates to help prevent ongoing expenses and damage that may compromise the integrity of the stucco system. Thankfully, the stucco proofing system blends in and does not compromise the beauty of your stucco exterior.

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We offer free estimates for repairs or installation of our proven woodpecker proofing system. If you’ve experienced woodpecker damage, contact us today to schedule an estimate for repairs or woodpecker proofing.

Our high ratings and customer reviews represent our passion for quality work and customer service. We do not pay our estimators commission. Instead of rewarding high job costs, we only want to quote the necessary work to accurately repair and protect your stucco exterior.

In addition, we do not hire subcontractors to complete repairs or installations. We believe you receive the best quality when the CDP STUCCO team works on your project. Overall, our goal is to build quality relationships with our clients and produce beautiful and lasting stucco exteriors.

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