Stucco itself is very durable, versatile, and long-lasting. It can also efficiently resist termites, mold, and fire. A stucco finish applied over brick can normally last 30 to 50 years.

However, it will still depend on how you take care of it and the common climate in your area. It is highly beneficial to stucco your brick as a 1-inch stucco coating can incredibly resist fire for 1 hour.

Are you planning to cover your brick with stucco? Well, here are some of the important steps and reminders you have to follow:

Make sure to conceal first all the flaws of the brick

Prior to starting the process of installing the stucco, you have to ascertain that the flaws, cracks, or holes on the brick are concealed first using hydraulic cement.

This type of cement is normally stored in a bag. It must be mixed with water to form a thick cement and become concrete after a few hours. However, it is still important to look at the instructions on the product you will buy.

To fill the holes or cracks with hydraulic cement, you can use a trowel. Make sure to conceal all the blemishes you can see on the brick. You have to wait for the cement to completely dry and harden.

Incorporate metal flashing to prevent moisture damage

Incorporating metal flashing on stucco is a requirement. It is very crucial to reinforce and fasten the metal siding first to the base of the brick with masonry fasteners. This will help in preventing moisture from flowing down the stucco. This step is highly important. Skipping this could cause a lot of problems as the moisture can easily damage the brick and the stucco as well.

Test if the stucco will bond

The stucco itself can cohere very well with the brick as they are both masonry products. But remember, several kinds of dirt, contaminants or some paint substances can diminish the adherence of the stucco to the brick.

That is why it is important to spray the brick first with water before applying the stucco. It will help you see if the stucco will bond to the brick. Once you have observed that the water gets quickly absorbed, it could mean that the stucco will bond very easily

Cracked Brick and Stucco Repair from CDP Stucco

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Stucco Over Brick

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Stucco over brick is a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike. It allows you to preserve the classic charm of brick while enjoying the benefits of a protective stucco layer. CDP Stucco specializes in this unique technique, ensuring a seamless integration between the existing brickwork and the stucco overlay. Their skilled craftsmen meticulously apply the stucco mixture to create a smooth, uniform finish that complements the architectural style of your property. With a wide range of stucco colors and textures available, you can customize the appearance to match your desired aesthetic, whether it’s modern, traditional, or anything in between.

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The Ultimate Stucco Over Brick Solution

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