Choose the Right Stucco Finish for Your Design Style

CDP STUCCO offers a variety of stucco finish options to meet your design goals. We offer traditional or Hard Coat stucco and Synthetic or EIFS stucco installation and repairs for residential and commercial properties in Northwest Florida and surrounding areas.



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Stucco Finish Options 

Stucco creates a custom look for each project. The variety of design options is one of the benefits of stucco. In fact, stucco offers an infinite choice of colors and a large variety of textures for the exterior of your property. Stucco adds a high-end look and feel to your home or building. Many of Northwest Florida’s custom homes include stucco which often increases property values while enhancing curb appeal.

We use all acrylic finishes to produce a high-quality exterior versus cementitious which is cheaper and results in quicker color fading and crumbling over time. Watch out for cheaper estimates which may include low quality cementitious materials. They are difficult to repair and color match.

Both traditional and synthetic stucco offer the same color and texture options. We almost always recommend traditional stucco for its durability and superior quality.

Stucco Colors

Stucco comes in endless color options. Stucco works wonderfully with earth tones and lighter color designs because darker colors can wear faster, show impacts, irregularities from weather or normal wear and tear more readily. However, stucco is very versatile and you can choose the color to best match your design style.

Stucco Redash and Skim

To update the top coat of your stucco, opt for redash or skim which can last up to 20 years.  A redash or skim of your stucco simply means to reapply the acrylic topcoat. An adhesive primer is applied and binds to the existing finish coat providing a primer base for a new acrylic topcoat. This maintains the integrity of the stucco system and is a far superior option to painting.

A redash or skim keeps the cost down because you aren’t paying for an entire new stucco system. This allows a refresh of the look of your exterior. Redash can completely change the look of the stucco, including adding a new color and texture.

Stucco Paint

We do not recommend painting stucco to change or refresh the color. Instead, redash or skimming offers the best option to achieve a high-quality look. Painting stucco produces a subpar finish. It dampens the texture and ruins the finish. Paint impacts the breathability of the system which compromises the function of the system. Also, paint makes it more challenging to repair the stucco in the future. Paint only lasts around 5 years versus up to 20 years with skimming.

Stucco Texture

Stucco’s texture adds the design depth desired from stucco. The texture adds durability as well as beauty. It’s possible to achieve many different stucco textures. Stucco comes in four basic types of aggregate textures. These include: smooth, fine, coarse, and swirl.

First choose the aggregate texture, then select the trowel technique to get the specialty finish you want. Popular trowel options include: float, dash, lace, and scraped. However, we offer a large variety of custom stucco trowel techniques and specialty finishes.

Stucco Finish Northwest Florida

CDP STUCCO is a trusted Northwest Florida stucco service provider. In fact, we frequently receive referrals from stucco inspectors, home inspectors, and real estate agents. Our reputation includes membership in the highly regarded Team Dave Logan and many positive online reviews.

The CDP STUCCO technicians are true stucco artists, dedicated to producing beautifully designed stucco exteriors. While stucco offers a great option to protect your property against the harsh Northwest Florida weather, it also adds value and style to your home or business.

Stucco Offers a Durable and Lasting Exterior

Stucco creates truly outstanding design options for both residential and commercial properties. At CDP STUCCO, we work with our clients to produce the finish you desire. We offer a variety of color and texture options for your stucco installation or to match your stucco after repairs.

CDP Stucco provides top stucco finish services for clients in the stunning landscape of Northwest Florida. With a commitment to excellence and a keen eye for detail, CDP Stucco stands as a premier choice for homeowners and businesses seeking impeccable stucco finishes that seamlessly blend aesthetics with durability. In the enchanting region of Northwest Florida, CDP Stucco offers a diverse array of stucco finish options that cater to every taste and preference. From traditional to modern designs, their skilled craftsmen deliver superior results that elevate the visual appeal and structural integrity of any property.

With a commitment to customer satisfaction, CDP Stucco prioritizes open communication and collaboration, ensuring that clients’ visions are brought to life with finesse and professionalism. Whether it’s a Mediterranean-style finish, a smooth trowel finish, or a textured finish, CDP Stucco’s versatile offerings cater to various preferences, allowing clients to achieve their desired aesthetic while maintaining structural integrity. For those in Northwest Florida seeking expert stucco finish solutions that combine artistry with durability, CDP Stucco stands as the go-to choice for exceptional results that exceed expectations.

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