1. Inspect Your Stucco

You should thoroughly inspect your stucco building exterior twice a year. Pay close attention to areas of surface penetration that are sealed with caulk and look for any cracks that may be present. Stucco and EIFS repairs don’t have to be costly, but they need to be completed correctly.

2. Call the Professionals

If you identify any issues during your twice-yearly inspection, you should reach out to a certified stucco inspector to remediate those issues as soon as possible. Stucco and EIFS should be properly repaired by a professional.

3. Use the Correct Products

Use only EIFS-approved sealants and caulk for surface penetration areas when needed. These areas could include electrical boxes, light fixtures, plumbing lines, faucets, cable lines, satellite dish mounts, and other exterior receptacles. EIFS and stucco require little effort to maintain, and this is the typical maintenance they may need.

4. Keep It Clean

Clean the exterior of your home periodically with a pressure washer that is calibrated to the manufacturer’s specifications. Proper technique and materials are always required to provide an enhanced undamaged stucco appearance.

5. Inspect before You Renovate

You should get a stucco inspection if you are considering any modifications, home renovations, or additions. Even roof repairs would warrant a stucco inspection before they are started. Make sure you hire a certified inspector who specializes in stucco.

Cracked Brick and Stucco Repair from CDP Stucco

CDP Stucco has repaired cracked stucco for homeowners throughout Florida. If you are unsure if the cracks indicate foundation failure, a representative from CDP Stucco can provide an inspection to give you back peace of mind.

Contact us today for an inspection of your cracked stucco repair! If you are interested in Stucco Installation or Stucco Repair, call the experts at CDP Stucco now at 850-259-2283