Is Stucco Siding a Good Choice?

Is Stucco Siding a Good Choice?

Stucco siding is a very durable material and requires minimal upkeep and that can allow homeowners to customize their home. So it is no surprise that it’s a popular choice for exterior walls. Whether a stucco finish is right for your home largely depends on your aesthetic preferences and functional needs.


Stucco installation involves several layers of application. The process can be difficult and time-consuming and not something you want to try to do on your own and you should leave this task to a professional.


Stucco is applied by hand using a trowel, this allows homeowners to create a wide variety of smooth or textured looks. It can also be dyed for a subtle or bold effect, so you can match a wide range of design styles. It may be repainted whenever you decide that you want a new look.


While stucco is durable, it can also be prone to occasional cracking. So this will require minimal maintenance, though it needs to be cleaned regularly. This can be done using a garden hose or a pressure washer set to its lowest setting. Cracks may be easily fixed using commercial stucco patching products, keeping repair costs minimal.

Upkeep costs for other types of siding depend on the material in question. Vinyl siding is also durable and requires minimal maintenance. It can be easily cleaned using a pressure washer, general household cleaners or a mixture of white vinegar and water.

How Long Does Stucco Siding Last?

One of stucco’s main benefits is its durability. Even with minimal maintenance, stucco siding may last upwards of 50 years in most climates. To keep it looking great, you should repair minor cracks and clean it regularly with a pressure washer. It may also be repainted whenever necessary.

Cracked Brick and Stucco Repair from CDP Stucco

CDP Stucco has repaired cracked stucco for homeowners throughout Florida. If you are unsure if the cracks indicate foundation failure, a representative from CDP Stucco can provide an inspection to give you back peace of mind.

Contact us today for an inspection of your cracked stucco repair! If you are interested in Stucco Installation or Stucco Repair, call the experts at CDP Stucco now at 850-259-2283

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