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Does your new detached garage match the stucco on the rest of your property’s exteriors? A detached garage or other detached building should match the stucco color and texture of the primary building on the property.

At CDP STUCCO, we offer new stucco installation for detached garages, sheds, pool houses and other new buildings. We work with clients in Northwest Florida and surrounding Northwest Florida communities on both residential and commercial properties.



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Add Value to Your Residential Property

When you add a new detached garage or other building at your home, you increase property values. However, it’s important to maintain curb appeal by matching the exterior of your new building to the existing stucco exterior on your home.

Types of New Detached Residential Buildings

  • Garages
  • In-Law Apartments or Carriage Houses
  • Sheds or Storage Buildings
  • Pool Houses
  • Home Offices

Create More Space for Your Commercial Property

Do you plan on adding an additional space at your commercial property? Ensure a coherent look by installing a traditional stucco exterior designed to match your primary building. Otherwise, your property will look unprofessional and inconsistent.

Types of New Detached Commercial Buildings

  • Garages
  • Warehouses
  • New Office Space for Lease
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Storage Sheds

Install a Traditional Stucco System

Traditional stucco offers durability, low maintenance and longevity for your exterior. Stucco comes in versatile design options, including a variety of colors and textures to match your existing building or home. CDP STUCCO provides expert color and texture matching to give a professional finish.

We have the training, certifications, tools, and team to properly install traditional stucco for your new detached building. We follow a consistent and proven process to produce the best results:

  • Apply 2-ply waterproofing paper or Tyvek and window tape
  • Install all pertinent flashings and casings, including for windows, doors, decks, and the roof
  • Use a combination of metal lath, upgraded 17-gauge wire, cement fiber base coat, and optional standard reinforcing fiberglass mesh to install complete stucco systems
  • Apply the acrylic stucco finish coat to match the existing color and texture

Stucco Color and Texture Matching

CDP STUCCO developed a proprietary, on-site stucco color matching system to add accuracy and convenience for our clients. We are the only stucco company in Northwest Florida offering this specific color matching service. For detached garages and other new buildings, our mobile color matching service matches the existing stucco in the lighting and with the weathering found at your specific property.

We can’t always produce an exact match for stucco color. However, we aim to get as close as possible to give you the look you want. We also offer reskimming after repairs or to add a new color to existing stucco exteriors. If you are ready to update the exterior of your home, we can combine reskimming of the main building with the stucco installation of your new garage or other addition.

As with stucco color matching, we work to achieve a match to the existing stucco texture on your detached garage or other new building. Our highly-trained stucco artists understand the best techniques to produce the closest possible match.

CDP STUCCO Transforms Your Exteriors with Stucco Installations

We understand that life sometimes requires more room. Whether you need to add an in-law suite to care for an aging parent or a new warehouse to meet your growing business’s needs, we’re here to help. We make the process easy by providing excellent customer service with consistent communication, quality results and reliable work.

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