CDP STUCCO Woodpecker Stucco Repair Service

At CDP STUCCO, we understand the different types of repairs required to keep your stucco in top shape. Woodpecker damage is one common type of stucco repair we see on Northwest Florida area properties. We handle both residential and commercial stucco repair projects of all types and sizes, including woodpecker damage.



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The Process for Woodpecker Stucco Repair

Stucco damage from woodpeckers requires a similar repair process to other stucco cracks and holes. Depending on the level of damage, the repair process may vary. In fact, when caught early, your stucco surface may only need cosmetic repairs.

However, properties with extensive woodpecker stucco damage will require extensive repairs. Our goal is always to ensure the proper barrier to prevent moisture damage. This means we aim to do the job right the first time to avoid mold or rot under your stucco after repairing the holes from woodpeckers.

For extensive damage, the foundational layer may require repairs. To fix the stucco accurately, we first fill in the EIFS and EPS foam details and then build back system.

Color Matching for Woodpecker Stucco Repair

With any stucco repairs, the exterior color and texture should match the existing stucco as closely as possible. At CDP STUCCO, we have a proprietary, on-site color matching system for accurate and convenient service. While an exact match isn’t always possible due to the nature of stucco, we always do our best to create a clean look.

To achieve the most aesthetic results, skimming the wall from corner to corner offers the best option. Any repair or patch may show no matter how accurate the color or texture match.

Woodpecker Proofing System

If you have recurring issues with woodpecker damage, CDP STUCCO recommends installing a woodpecker proofing system. This unique system helps avoid future woodpecker damage to your structure.

The idea is to create an undesirable surface for the woodpeckers. This method both eliminates damage and the annoyance of pecking on your structure. You may also contact us about installing a woodpecker proofing system as part of your new system installation or before extensive damage occurs.

Woodpecker Stucco Repair Northwest Florida

Northwest Florida’s natural beauty also creates exposure to the elements. Both extreme weather and pests, like woodpeckers and insects, impact property exteriors. Thankfully, stucco holds up well to the harsh Northwest Florida environment to produce lasting protection for your home.

However, if damage occurs, CDP STUCCO offers trusted stucco repairs. We believe in doing the job right the first time, no matter how large or small.

At CDP STUCCO we value our reputation. We are part of Team Dave Logan, which only approves highly professional service providers. We also carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our many positive online reviews highlight our reputation for quality stucco service and excellent customer relations. We maintain our values by investing in the training, certifications, tools, and materials to produce consistent and top-quality results.

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We offer woodpecker stucco repairs for commercial and residential clients in Northwest Florida and the surrounding areas. Our estimators don’t work on commission. This means they only recommend the necessary repairs to do the job right.

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