With so much controversy surrounding EIFS being used in home-building, you may ask yourself, “Should I be buying a house with EIFS?” Well here are some answers to those questions:

What is the Problem with EIFS?

EIFS stands for “Exterior Insulation and Finish System” and is often referred to as fake or synthetic stucco. EIFS was originally created 75 years ago in Europe. Over the years it has become a popular product amongst builders in the US because it can be cheaper and easier to apply over the traditional stucco.

Sadly, EIFS has grown a reputation of requiring costly repairs and extensive damage to homes. This has led homeowners across the country to file lawsuits against various EIFS manufacturers and home builders.

So you might be thinking, why would I want this on my home? Well there are only a few reasons why EIFS is resulting in damage to a home. One problem with EIDS is because it can crack easily. Since EIFS is usually a thin, brittle, coating applied over a soft substrate it is prone to cracking more often. The combination of thin coating over a soft base is what makes EIFS vulnerable to damage. Impacts to the surface can result in cracks. And these cracks can allow water to seep in and create severe damage to the wall.

Another problem with EIFS is improper sealing and will usually lead to remediation of the material. Water and moisture will make their way behind the artificial stucco wall if it is not properly sealed. Once the moisture gets behind the walls then it won’t be able to drain or dry. This trapped moisture can results in mold and rot, severely damaging wooden studs, and wall sheathing underneath.

Should I Buy a House with EIFS?

This question depends on who you ask-

Ask a supporters of the product, and they will tell you how great EIFS is as a building material. This synthetic stucco is also cost-effective because it is cheaper than actual stucco. It is also a less labor-intensive installation process. Another thing that is great about the product is that it iscompletely water proof.

Now, if you ask any homeowner who has had to have costly EIFS remediation, then they may tell you a different story.

We’ve heard several stories of homeowners who have bought a home only to find out that the home has thousands of dollars worth of damage.

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We recommend that you ALWAYS check to see what kind of siding the house you’d like to buy will have. While we can’t tell you whether or not to buy that house, we can tell you about the condition of your stucco, real or synthetic!

CDP Stucco is a stucco repair company. Our skilled craftsmen have years of experience in stucco and EIFS remediation. Call us today to have your home inspected by professional who has expertise in stucco!

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